The Cardioimmunology research group at the University of Luebeck…

… studies interconnections of the immune system and cardiovascular diseases. We have a special interest in the interaction of immune cells with the vessel wall in the context of cardiovascular pathologies. A particular focus lies on cells and mechanisms of the innate immune system. Furthermore, we explore mechanisms of thrombosis and thromboinflammation and their impact on cardiovascular diseases. We place an emphasis on the discovery of platelet-immune cell interactions and non-hemostatic functions of platelets or the impact of the complement system on platelet biology.

Vascular biology

Connecting these research questions, we are interested in mechanisms of vessel growth in the adult organism, i.e. regeneration after ischemic events and restoration of perfusion after vessel occlusion. At the University of Lübeck, ischemia-induced vessel growth (i.e. collateralization) is studied in complex mouse models but also in translational studies.

The role of dendritic cells in cardiovascular pathologies

Antigen presenting cells dendritic cells (DCs) regulate T-cell responses and connect the innate immune system with adaptive immunity. We investigate uncharacterized processes, how DCs contribute to and regulate immune mechanisms of cardiovascular pathologies.

Collateral artery formation in coronary artery disease

In a current project (ERA-PerMed PROGRESS), we aim at uncovering the genetic basis of coronary collateral formation performing a genome-wide association study on a large patient cohort (>3000 patients).

Exploring uncharacterized phenotypes of peripheral artery disease

In another project, we explore the previously unrecognized phenotype of asymptomatic peripheral artery disease using multi-colour flow cytometry as well as single-cell-RNA sequencing in order to learn, what immunological factors foster strong collateral artery formation.

Collaborations and integration into national research networks

The cardioimmunology group is member of the Germany Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK). Furthermore, we are a member of the Transregio SFB 240.